September 2017    
Understanding and supporting gender diverse young people
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Fri Sep 15th 2017 9:00AM - 4:30PM YouthLink $100 No Online Bookings.
Presenter Vanessa Watson / Susannah Hammond
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Presenters:Vanessa Watson (Clinical Psychologist) & Susannah Hammond (Clinical Psychologist)

Transgender, transsexual, and gender diverse young people are at elevated risk of suicide, homelessness, and other mental health and psychosocial difficulties. These young people are frequently subjected to marginalisation and discrimination, which has pervasive impacts on their development, well-being and engagement with services. T his workshop will broaden participantís understanding of gender diversity, explore issues and challenges facing these young people, how to respond supportively, and encourage development of inclusive and knowledgeable practices.

Recommended audience: Youth workers or those in a similar role with young people.

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